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The tracker you want

Wear the T-FIT 2 and abandon yourself to the essence of sport. Get to know and train your body with this smartfit that will become your ideal tracker!

Overcome your limits. Reach your goals.

Choose between the different training methods that the smartfit offers you and reach your goal.

Experience sport at 360 °

Thanks to the Waterproof technology, you live the sport to the full. With IPx67 technology, it is possible to immerse T-FIT 2.0 up to a depth of one meter for greater freedom of movement

Choose the color of your personality!

Buy the T-FIT 2 that best represents you and if you feel like changing, no problem! Change the strap at your leisure!

The right tracker for your workouts

An advanced tracker for fitness and wellness. Here's what the T-FIT 2 is and what it offers you!

  • Call waiting

    Thanks to cellular connectivity, a vibration on your wrist will alert you to an incoming call. You will no longer need to keep your smartphone under control!

  • Notifications

    A vibration will alert you whenever a notification arrives on your smartphone.

  • Pedometer

    Every activity and movement done during the day is important and for this reason the pedometer function will help you to know how many steps you take daily.

  • Calories

    Knowing the amount of calories burned during the day is essential to have excellent results during your workouts to reach your weight goal.

  • Heart rate

    Heart health is a determining factor for your well-being and for this reason we offer you this tool to measure caria frequency!

  • Distance

    Do you want to know how many Km you travel during the day? Thanks to the distance calculation, the T-FIT 2.0 can give you the answer you were looking for!